HOW TO... Save Your Fingertips!

No more sore fingers when pinning and unpinning your quilt!

Combine Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers and the Kwik Klip™ to baste your quilts easier and faster than ever! Here's how! 

Attach the Quilter's Delight grip covers. You'll need needle nose pliers and your pins. Position the pin on the grip cover with the end of the pin at the larger end of the cover. Using the pliers, firmly snap the pin in place, first at one end, then at the other. 

If the pin has a little trouble staying in the grip cover, just use a little bit of glue to keep it in place.

Quilter's Delight attaches to #1 Steel, #2 Steel, #0 Brass, #1 Brass,#1 Curved Brass, #1 Curved Steel, #2 Curved Steel Safety Pins.

Lay out your quilt top, batting and backing

1. Press your backing fabric and with wrong side up, secure it to a smooth, firm surface. (One that you don't mind getting scratched.) Remember, the fabric should NOT be pulled taut or off-grain, it should just lie smooth and straight. If you have a pattern on the backing fabric, use the edge of the table as a guide to place the fabric evenly. 

HINT: Use jumbo binder clips (available at office supply stores) to secure the fabric to the table.

HINT: If your backing fabric doesn't reach the edge of the table, masking tape works great!

2. Fluff out the batting and gently smooth it over the backing.  

3. Hold the batting and backing in position with one hand and release a re-clip both together.

4. Iron the top and lay it right side up on the batting and backing. Hold all three layers in position and release and re-clip all three together.

Ready to pin!

  Kwik Klip™ It!

Insert the pin through the quilt layers. Place the Kwik Klip™ where the tip of the pin comes out and let it slide onto the Kwik Klip™. 

Press down on the Quilter's Delight grip cover and close the pin. Done!

The grooves at the tip of the Kwik Klip™ prevent the pin from sliding around.  HINT: Before you pin, decide where you're going to quilt and avoid pinning there!

To unpin, simply reverse the process. Slide the Kwik Klip™ under the pin.

Press down on the Quilter's Delight grip cover and release.


Attach Quilters Delight® grip covers to all your safety pins. With Quilters Delight® your safety pins are easy to handle, especially for arthritic hands and long fingernails.  Attaches to #1 Steel, #2 Steel, #0 Brass, #1 Brass,#1 Curved Brass, #1 Curved Steel, #2 Curved Steel Safety Pins. 

Kwik Klip™ ends sore fingers, reduces basting time, and ends bunching. Using Kwik Klip™, safety pins close effortlessly, preventing broken nails, stuck fingers and sore fingertips.  Removing safety pins is faster and easier with Kwik Klip™.